Endnote X2 on multiple computers

What files does Endnote X2 need to work on two different computers?  I am using Endnote X2 on my work computer and home computer (both Apple Macs running OS X 10.5).  To simplify life, I would like to store my libraries using the application Dropbox, which places a folder on my desktop that is constantly updated to a central server.  With Dropbox on my home and work machines, I should be able to seamlessly move work projects back and forth.  Is the library all that I need to store in the Dropbox folder?  I know in older versions of Endnote I had to keep track of a couple of additional folders.

You need the .enl file and associated .data folder. For ease of use with Dropbox, you might put both of these items into another folder and upload/ update that. I have tried some basics tests using EndNote with Dropbox and things seemed to work just fine.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Another suggestion from a user doing data synchronization all the time.

Make duplicate back up (copy of your library) often!  Server synchronization is convenient, but has a big risk, all the synchronized files are quickly “corrupted”, and no way to recover. Some IT department in big institutions have regular duplicates (they don’t tell they do), but if your data server doesn’t have such scheme or if it is personal one, there is a risk of losing all the hard work of years, in a few seconds. Frequency of the duplicate back up is dependent on how often you modify your library, but in my case, I make duplicates every other day, and delte files older than 3 months.

Data structure of Endnote has become so complicated, and data corruption is no longer rare. It happened a couple of times last year with me, and once it happens, you can imagine how devastating. The first time, I was so lucky to detect the corruption before I push “synchronize” button in my synchronization software, so I was able to recover from the corrupted file. The second time, I lost work for a couple of days, but not more, thanks to the duplicate.

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Can I tell Endnote to look in the Dropbox folder for the needed files?  I know from the preferences pane I can select the location for Styles, Filters, and Connections; are the .enl and .data folder included with those preferences?  I’d like to avoid manually transferring files each day.



For backup purpose? I thought you always place your .enl file and .data folder in the dropbox folder, and read/write to the files in there. Endnote can set “default library”. Look up the “Libraries” in the preference, to see whether your default library can be in your dropbox folder.

Making duplicate backup from sync’d data is done either manually, or programmatically, but not by Endnote itself. I don’t know how Dropbox works, but I use automated backup (mirroring) by Acronis and recently introducing a NAS system from Synology.