Endnote X3 and Office 2019

Ok, don’t laugh, but until today I’ve been using Endnote X3 on my 10 year old laptop running Windows 7.  I have many libraries in X3, some with thousands of references in them.  

Today I got an upgraded machine which runs Windows 10, with Office 2019 installed.  I now need to install Endnote on it, but I guess I’ll need a new version.  Will I be able to use the libraries I created in X3 with Endnote X9?  And is X9 compatible with Office 2019?

Thanks so much for any advice,


EndNote X3 is not compatible with Office 2019 and EndNote X9 is compatible with Office 2019.

The library you created with EndNote X3 can be used with EndNote X9.

Since you own a previous version of EndNote, you would be eligible for an upgrade version of EndNote X9. You can place your order through our purchase page (http://www.endnote.com/enpurchase.asp) or you may also contact our sales team for more information on upgrades and current offers. You can find their contact information here (https://endnote.com/buy/contact-our-sales-team).

Yes, – but first make a copy of the library just in case! (you can do this by copying the endnote .enl file and the whole of the .DATA folder to a new location – don’t put the enl file IN the .DATA folder though.  keep them in the same place).

But you should be able to use the libraries you created in X3 with Endnote X9 and  X9 is compatible with Office 2019.