Has the EndNote X7 vs. MS Office 2016 (Windows 10) compatibility issue been solved?


So far, I’ve been using EndNote X7.7.1 with Office 2013 on my Windows 7 old computer. I was very happy. Unfortunately, this laptop is broken now. So I bought a new one. It came with Windows 10. I’m about to buy a subscription to Office 365 for my new laptop. It comes with Office 2016. I read in several messages in this forum that it was virtually impossible to use EndNote X7 with Office 2016 in a Windows 10 environment. However, the last of these messages was from January 2017. Has the problem been solved since then? I wouldn’t like to spend my money buying a product (i. e., Office 2016) when I won’t be able to use it with EndNote. 

Thanks in advance. 

EndNote X7 is compatible with Word 2016 and Windows 10. Compatibility information for prior EndNote versions, such as EndNote X7, can be found here:


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Thanks, Joe. 

Just in case anybody has the same question, I must give my testimony. I took advantage of the 30-days free trial of Office 2016 pre-installed in my new laptop. I activated Office and then installed EndNote X7.7.1 in my Windows 10 brand new laptop. Everything seems to work smoothly and fine. Let’s hope it does forever! :-) 

Thank you.