Endnote X3: Features? Upgrade?

I was excited to hear that Endnote X3 was out next month. I was disappointed with Endnote X2 and stuck with Endnote XI (which works fine on Vista, Windows 7).

Question: What new features in X3?

And BIG question: Can we upgrade from Endnote XI to X3? God help us if they switch the file format on us! I already went through the nightmare of converting from Procite to Endnote X/XI!

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Good news is, Windows 7 will be released on October. That’s what MS said yesterday.

Bad news is, I just finished beta 4 in Vista 64, and I need to test EN X3 in Win 7 in 4 months…

I’d really like some news about Endnote X3.  Especially, will it support any kind of PDF browsing and/or organization?  Would really love to know more about what is coming.



As I mentioned in the “Suggestion” board, beta testers are bound to the agreement that confidentiality of beta version is kept. So, Thomson Reuter may answer some questions, but beta testers in this forum probably won’t (can’t) give you too much of information.

EndNote X3 for Windows should be publicly available in the next couple of weeks. This press release highlights one of the most-requested upcoming features:


There have been no substantial changes to the EndNote library file format so existing customers should not have any problems upgrading their existing libraries to X3.

We will be sure to post an announcement to this forum as soon as  X3 is available.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I certainly hope there is more to X3 than Open Office compatability. That’s a big yawn. Heck, that’s just pushing people to add Zotero rather than X3. Zotero already has a screencast for Oo integration:


This is the drip, drip, drip upgrading that is giving the product a bad name. So, I hope, hope, hope that there is more. We’ll see!

There is an official announcement on the EndNote X3 release here - http://community.thomsonreuters.com/ts/board/message?board.id=en-general&thread.id=2082.

Here is a summary list and a screen shot of the main library window attached:

New  Features:

  • “Group Sets” for hierarchical organization of Groups of records.
  • “Cite While You Write™” for the free OpenOffice.org Writer word processor.
  • “Section Bibliographies” for multiple bibliographies in a single Microsoft Word document.
  • Support for “Composite Citations” [1 a, b, c] etc. using Cite While You Write™ for Microsoft Word.
  • Support for OpenURL Link resolvers and proxy systems for “Find Full Text.”

Changes, Improvements and Fixes:

  • Faster install and loading times
  • New graphics, updated user interface, and improved usability
  • Improved fidelity and accuracy of “Find Full Text”
  • Expanded options for Compressed Library (.enlx)
  • Improved compatibility with 64 bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • Improved navigation within the main Library window
  • Improved importing of characters containing diacritics
  • Improved Find Duplicates functionality
  • Expanded and updated bibliographic output styles, import filters, and connection files.
  • Plus dozens of other tweaks and fixes.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks Jason,

I am just assuming new features and fixes like the group sets, section formatting, and stability in 64bit OS came from the response to our voice in this forum. Hopefully, this forum continue to play a significant role to improve EN usability.

Hi there,

does X3 support multiple attachments to one entry? 

I am using X2 not only for literature, but also for legal docs, which appear in different versions, which I need to have in one place.



Yes, as does X2.