New features in version X3

We have prepared a preliminary guide to the new features in EndNote X3. And the eight-minute video demonstration on the EndNote website is well worth watching.

There are couple of things I need to point out in X3.

  1. Section format doesn’t work smoothly when I delete section break afterwards.

When I have several sections, make bibliography for each section, and remove section break later, EN X3 doesn’t remove the section bibligraphy correctly. I have to unformat the document. This is probably a small glitch, but a little bit annoying. I’m using Word 2003, and this is reproduced in Win XP Pro and Win Vista 64 as well.

  1. I can’t go back and forth between Writer and EN X3, like the way I do with Word.

There is a button in Writer to go to EN, but the toolbar button in EN to go back to Writer isn’t there. Again, this isn’t critical, I can use Windows task bar to switch application, but it seems the plug in was not developed with full attention.

As for “I can’t go back and forth between Writer and EN X3…” we certainly did have our “full attention” on this for X3 but it was deferred in favor of other changes and fixes related to the Writer integration - all based on input from our beta testers. Not a single beta tester complained or suggested that linking between EndNote and Writer via the toolbar icons within EndNote was high priority.

I certainly agree that this would be a bit more convenient and we will consider trying to add this for the X3.01 patch.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Thanks Jason,

I was also a beta tester, but I found this after the beta testing was closed. Sometimes, it takes longer than aticipated to find out small bugs/defects/glitches. I appreciate considering the change in the future patch.

As for another small defect in section formating, I’m not sure that is reproducible in Word 2007. By the way, I reported this as a bug during the beta testing, but official X3 still has the problem, at least with my PCs.