EndNote X3 Limited Default Content Files

Selecting defaults for X3 download and install only loads 103 Output Styles.  EndNote has a total of over 3K total Styles.  Our researchers publish in hundreds of journal.  They are accustomed to being able to select their needed journals from the big list.  The “Top 100 Styles” doesn’t come close to meeting the needs of major research institutions.


It appears users making an upgrade will have to pick “Custom Install”, then maneuver to get full content files. Have other site license users encountered this X3 problem?  Is there any way to get around this problem and get full Styles list as a default?  “Read me” files can be created with instructions, but many people do not read this.


Similar “Top 100” lists are X3 defaults for Filters and Connections.  Site licenses at research centers need the full content files as a default.  Getting more beta testers who regularly publish in scholarly journals would be helpful.  It would be good to know other opinions and possible solutions.



Speed issues prevent having all 3000+ styles folders in X3 (and X2), so they opted for the 100 styles as a work around.  There are three mechanisms we have used for our users.  The first, is that I personally created a set of our most popular styles at our institute.  After the installation, we run a script that replaces the installed styles (and connect and filter) folders with those those I constructed.  We did this in X2 for the opposite reason, - to get rid of the performance issue and make those folders smaller.  It would work just as well for X3. 

If a user wants a different style, we have a network resource which contains all the 3000+ styles that they can get it from, but I most often suggest that they go directly to the endnote website, and find their style there and download it.  Opening the style - opens it in endnoteX2 or X3 and when they save it, it saves to their Endnote specified styles folder (which is different from the program installation folder).  Styles from both folders are then available from the styles manager.