Output Style List corrupted?

Hi, Everybody –

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong subforum for this question.  I’m running Endnote X2 under Win XP SP 3.

I tried to change my desired Output Style about half an hour ago, and I found to my astonishment and dismay that my Output Style list is missing every entry between “J Chemical Ecology” and “Zygote.”  (I’m hoping that’s not some sort of oblique, cosmic warning or something to that effect.)  The contents of the dropdown box in the library window’s toolbar and the list in Edit>Output Styles are the same.  Obviously, _some_thing happened, but I’ll be darned if I know what that might have been.  I’ve looked at the Styles folder in my Endnote X2 installation and it looks to be complete – or at least there are half a zillion entries between “J Chemical Ecology” and “Zygote.” 

I have no idea what happened, here.  Is there some way to rebuild whatever Endnote X2 uses to generate the list of output styles?  I’ve tried exiting and restarting Endnote, but that didn’t have any effect on the problem.

Thanks a million for your time!


Did you check the EndNote Preferences setting to see if the “Folder Locations” for the style folder has the correct path?

Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.  In the Preferences list (see attached image), click to select “Folder Locations” then in the right column, check the directory path listed or use the “Browse” button to locate and select the EndNote Styles folder. Then click the OK button to save and exit.


What appears in the drop-down list and in the “edit styles” list are only your “favorites” and not the complete list.  To see them all, go to the “style manager” in the edit output styles or “browse” in the format bibliography options.  They should all appear. 

You should  NOT change your preferences to point to the C: drive program folder endnote styles folder.  While in XP it won’t be fatal, the way X2 and later work, is to have two locations for styles.  Those in the installation folder and those that the user has downloaded or manipulated/edited.  Those edited/download by the user, by default are saved in the My Documents/Endnote/Styles folder and that is what is designated by the My Preferences settings  This is because the Vista and 2007 operating systems do not allow the user to write to the program folder destinations.  The Styles Manager pulls styles from both locations and combines them into the one list. 

Thanks, Leanne!  That was the info I needed.  I don’t know if it’s normal behavior or not, but it looks like every style was in the drop-down and in the “Edit Styles” lists.  I’ve fixed that and just put my “favorites” in there.   Sure helps to know what’s going on, I always say.