Endnote X3 posts article abstract in citation even though it shouldn't!

Hi all,

I have upgraded to EndNote X3 recently, but it has been nothing but a paid and I am wanting to go back to X1 which actually worked (but was lacking features and looked hokey).

Basically, when I insert a citation, the in-text citation is fine e.g. (Jones 2010)

But for some reason the bibliography contains the abstract for the artcile which was automatically put into the reference via Pro-quest. The display bibliography in EndNote looks fine, but in Word when I import it is all wrong.

What am I doing wrong? I really want to make it work. But I am tempted to just go back to X1 as that will work at least.

How it looks in EndNote bibli settings

How it should look

How it actually looks when inserted!

Your Endnote X3 output style looks great, but it looks like your WORD output style is set to “Annotated” rather than the one you want.  Make sure you select the desired output style in WORD before you format the document.


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Try to reformat the paper from the endnote toolbar and change the style in the dialog.  The style you have selected in Endnote, is not the same style as the paper is being formated with.  

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Thanks. *headsmack*

In the EndNote tabe in Word the output style was set as annotated. All I had to do was select my Chicago style format and now it all works fine. Thanks for your help.

Who would have thought it was so simple. No idea why it doesn’t automatically update the Word output style though with X3 when it does with X1.