Display and bibliography formats

When I write a paper I like to be able to see the abstracts of articles I am using in EndNote, so I use an output display that allows that. But the paper itself has to be formatted in a journal style, and this never includes the abstract. At present, EndNote only allows a single output style at a time, so every time Cite While You Write reformats my document, I have to change my display format back to the one that shows the abstract.

I want to be able to format my document in one style and view references in the EndNote display pane in another style. Of course, people who like the same style throughout could continue to use the current default.

I’d be interested to know if there are other users who work as I do, and whether they’d like this enhancement.

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You don’t tell us which version of Endnote you are using, however, as far as I remember this applies to all of the recent versions:

The document remembers what format it was last formated in and reformats according to that style.  Subsequently changing the style in Endnote the program, which handles the preview options, should not affect the CWYW formatting of the paper, unless you specifically change it in the format Bibliography menu window. 

So I think you have what you want in the current implimentations of Endnote. 

Sorry for not specifying the version, it is X2.

Sure Endnote remembers the style for the formatted document, but it doesn’t remember the style for the preview pane.

For example, in Endnote I’m previewing with the Annotated style. Then I format the my document’s bibliography with the Harvard style. When I return to Endnote the preview is in Harvard style, and I have to reset it to Annotated.

Crap, it didn’t used to do that?  Did it? 

Sorry.  You are correct.  At least with X2.  I will have to check my machine which still has X installed . 

Either I am misremembering, or it has changed!

I agree.  They should be independent!