EndNote X4 misinterpreting Author Lists, please help!

I’m using EndNote X4 with Word for Mac 2011.

All of my authors for each reference are entered on separate lines like this:

Jones, B. L.

Smith, E. B.

Richardson, T. L.

I have defined an output style that (for the bibliography) should put First Initials followed by Last Name for the first author and for every author after that.  But instead of getting:

B. L. Jones, E. B. Smith, and T. L. Richardson

I get:

Jones, B. L., Smith, E. B., Richardson, and T.L.

It seems to treat each author as two separate authors!  Everything I read says that the format of my author list is ok, and actually, when I go to EndNote X4 window and click Edit->Output Styles->Open Style Manager and find my style and preview it there, I see exactly the bibliography result I want.  However when I go to my actual endnote library and actual references, I see in the preview window the same bad result I typed above.  So there seems to be a problem with how Endnote is reading my author lists.  After each comma, it thinks there is a new author on the same line.

The only solution I have found is to re-enter all my authors like this:

B. L. Jones

E. B. Smith

T. L. Richardson

This is way too much work for me as I have 50+ references in this library and hundreds of authors.  Can anyone help? I am at my wit’s end.

Does this occur only with three or more authors or when there’s more than one author?  Can you also attach the style?

Also, try exporting the traveling library from the formatted document into a new library, and see what they look like there.  Maybe there are some weird characters in the records, that don’t show up? 

Also, is it at all possible that your terms list for Authors has aquired some delimiters that it shouldn’t have (they should be unavailable and greyed out)?  See the attached two gifs - one that should be authors, and another that could be applied to a field, like keywords. 

(added in edit) these are viewed from Tools>open terms list, on the list tab.


This error I am describing occurs even when there is only one author!  Let’s say the author is entered as :

Doe, J. B.

The bibliography will say:

Doe and J. B.

please see attached style

JBO.ens (6.04 KB)


Tonight when I opened the Word document and Endnote, I first went to the terms list as you suggested and checked the delimiters for authors.  Everything was grayed out.  Then I went back to my library and noticed in the preview window that tonight my preview of the bibliography is exactly what I wanted! (without me making any changes whatsoever)

I then ran the Format Bibliography menu command on my Word document and sure enough, everything is perfect.  I have no clue what changed between last night and tonight but suddenly I have what I need.  I just hope it does not revert to previous case.  Thank you for your response.  


How strange… Well, Endnote sometimes works in mysterious ways!