Problems with EndNote (authors and number of references cited)

I have problems with EndNote (version X.0.2) running on computers equipped with Windows xp and either Word 2003 or Word 2007.

EndNote treats author initials as separate author names, both in the citations and in the bibliography.

For example

Smith, J (2008). How to solve EndNote problems?

                                                gives the citation    (Smith & J 2008)

                                                and the reference   Smith & J (2008). How to solve EndNote problems?

So they are as many authors as the total number of names and initials…

 Whatever style chosen, whatever option chosen for citation or bibliography display, the mistake is still the same.

It appears even in the EndNote style preview.

 What can I do?

  1. After formatting, EndNote does not display the number of distinct references formatted as it was the case in earlier versions.

I am interested in counting the number of distinct references incorporated in a document.

How can I do this?

Thank you for your help!

I have another problem also

  1. With respect to Author problem, see if this thread has an answer?

  1. I am not sure I remember where/when it told you the number of references cited. You can get that information if you Edit citation.  It tells you the number of references in the ‘travelling’ library.  The last time I remember getting such an obvious number was using the format paper command… way back.

Finally, you could choose to format the paper in a number format and that would tell you too.   

This problem just about drove me mad.  So when I discovered the solution I thought I had to share. Go to Tools >  Open Terms List > Author’s Term’s List

Hit the tab named “Lists”

Select Authors.  Under Delimiters the “,” box is likely checked.  This is the problem.  When endnote sees your author name in your file named Smith, J.S. it thinks J.S. is another author, because the comma is set to divide authors from each other.

The solution is to delete the “Authors” list and replace it with a new list with the same name “Authors”.  In the new list make sure the “,” is not checked.  Using the “;” or the “” is okay though.

If this reply saves you a therapy bill I won’t turn away your contributions :slight_smile: or gift baskets.

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I don’t think delimiters other than comma can be used for author entry. Delimiters for Author List are greyed out and non-editable. These delimiters, like tab, dash, and semi-colon, are delimiters for the custom term lists such that multiple terms are entered in a single line.

Endnote author format (for the data entry) has been very specific and fixed: (Surname), Initials of given name with space between. So, it should look like Smith, A. G.

Anything before the first comma is regarded as surname, and anything after the first comma is regarded as given name.

A G Smith is also acceptable entry format, but most of the import filters parse authors with Smith, A. G. format. Also, each author needs to be on separate line. If you have multiple authors in one line, it will not interpret correctly.

I’m not sure how the initial post ended up Smith & J (two authors).