EndNote X5 Change Text Dialog search fails to find records.

When performing a search for a string using the “Quick Search” field from the Library toolbar I am able to successfully find a test record. When I search for this string using a field specific or an “Any Field” search from the Change Text dialog, the test record is not found. The search performed by the Change Text dialog is defective. It is also odd that a Change Text for Any Field search does not match the output of the Quick Search.

Test System: EndNote X5.0.1 (Bld 5774), Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit.

Change Text Any Field.GIF

Apparently I need two posts in this forum just to attach five files.

Change Text by Field.GIF
Change Text Results.GIF

It looks like the field you are searching in the Change Text tool is “Journal/Secondary Title.” The test reference field that has that string is the Title field. Does it work as you would expect if you change the field to Title?

 - Mathilda , the EndNote team

To get it to work I had to untick the “match words” box.  Seems like a bug to me.  But one that is easily gotten around. 

Then it worked on “All fields” or the correct field, but with the box ticked it reported not finding the character combination.  .

Thanks for the insight Leanne. I would not have thought to try unchecking the “match words” box. I had expected the default behavior to be the same in the two methods.

The quick search is always more fuzzy, and never requires a full word match.  So if you look for a name like “Li” you get EVERYTHING with “li” in it.  I hardly ever use it for that reason.  – but when looking for &  one would think when it is on its own, it IS a word?  Glad it was fixable anyway.