Essential updates

Endnote 20 and 20.1 does not allow text specific searching such as “match case” or " match word".

This results in any search one makes using “contains” whether for a name or a particular word will yield non-specific results which you are forced to wade through to, hopefully, get to the refs you actualy want.

As this function is a rather important one for any database search program and was included in earlier versions please will you reinstate it ASAP. e.g. on searching for a short author name in my databse e.g. Nett,  I got three times as many references as there should have been.

In additon, even specifying Nett as first author gave me twice as many -  even whem using the modifier “Word begins with”

This sort of basic lack of function is not something which we should expect from an expensive program update which was supposed to be superior to pre 20 versions