EN 7 imports duplicates from Google Scholar


Nearly four years and two versions ago I queried the group about how to avoid importing duplicate references from Google Scholar.  The inability of EN to detect and avoid importing duplicates when importing directly from Google Scholar persists to this day. 

I have “Automatically discard duplicates” turned on in all three Search Modes and it seems to work from there.  But my problem is with  direct imports from Google Scholar.  To avoid importing duplicates, I have to do a “First Author” search in EN to see if I already have the paper.  As I immediately add key words and attach pdfs and supplental files at the time of import, I don’t have the ability to do a duplicate check any other way without increasing work (and probably duplicating pdfs, etc in my files).  Leanne had suggested importing from GS into a separate library and thence from there to the main library, but that still allows to many duplicates through.

The advantages to me in using Google Scholar far outway its disadvantages (except for the one presently described).  And I just tested Scopus and EN imports duplicates from there as well.

I have more than 79,000 citations in two libraries and import hundreds more monthly.  Frankly, doing it the way I have to do it now is burdensome and I am becoming disillusioned at the lack of progress on correcting this problem.  Given that Google Scholar is one of the three top databases (Scopus and Web of Science being the others), I find it strange that this proplem persists.  Or is it unique only to me (hence my post to the “How To?” forum)? Is there a way to solve this in the short term?

I am using EN X7.3.1 (Bld 8614) on a Wndows 7 system at work and a Win 8 system at home.  I started with Reference Manager about 1986 and moved to EndNote about four years ago.

I agree, Endnote needs a better way to detect duplicates while importing.  I import into a “temporary” library and then import that into my main library with discard duplicates on.  Developers should be able to streamline this into the software itself!

Why didn’t I remember that when the survey came around?  Need to put this in “suggestions”  again? I know I suggested this in 2008 here:  http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-Product-Suggestions/copy-to-duplicate-handling/m-p/2796#M220  


I did put this into the survey.  But it is not clear to me how TRI selects or prioritizes problems when doing updates.  It does seem that they respond if there is quite a bit of complaining.   And if its easy…

Thanks for your prompt reply.