Endnote X6 not compatible with Office 2010 X64

My office version is 2010 x64, the plugin of endnote x6 can be installed successfully, however, every time I insert a reference into the document, there always will be a burst consuming of CPU, causing the system to lag.

I’m posting here for possible help, is there a x64 version of Endnote? Or is there some workaround?

EndNote is 32 bit but is compatible with Office 2010 64 bit for Cite While You Write since version X4. I recommend contacting Technical Support with additional details to see what could be causing this (look for Contact Us link in forum header). They will need to know the specific OS version you are running. Also, it sounds like this is consistent across the board but if it appears to be document specific, that would be good to know too.

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 - Tilla, the EndNote team