Support for Office 2010 x64

When should we expect to be released the update with Office 2010 x64 support ?

Thanks in advance.


We are currently researching this but do not yet have an estimated timeframe for release. As more information becomes available, we will post it here - - you may also use this link to sign-up to be notified of more information.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

Jason, thanks for your post. 

I strongly encourage TR to make an appropriate x64 patch/version available as soon as possible.  The x64 version of Office has been a fantastic improvement over the previous 32bit versions for dealing with figure and table rich scientific writing, now the only thing missing is EndNote.

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We are working on a 64 bit version of EndNote X4 Cite While You Write and plan to have something available this Fall. But note that Microsoft specifically recommends the use of the 32 bit version of Office and plug-ins even for the 64 bit versions of Windows:

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

This is great news, probably too late for my dissertation but this will help me eventually.  My Endnote X4 upgrade order will be placed as soon as I see that Word x64 support is released.


what is the current status of this update? The lack of support/progress for EndNote is somewhat alarming.

Please release a patch/update to support 64bit Word…


Still waiting for some news on this. When can we expect a patch? 

Ok, what’s the update on this patch?  January?  It’s still completely silly to not support Office x64. 

What’s the status right now? Cannot wait longer.

Have been using RefWorks as an alternative for almost a whole year. Non-support for Word x64 makes things complicated. I cannot help thinking about switching to LaTeX.:cry:

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This is a catastrophe. Please post about refnote ? I will switch immideately. How can they be so incompetent. We have a company version Office x64. If I cannot use that, forget Endnote.

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It’s RefWorks, an online reference manager. its plugin works in Word x64 version. You can find it here:

I found it a little harder to create a new output style using RefWorks. BibTeX is more powerful, but my coauthors all use Word! Such a pain :angry:

Or contact the endnote developers because I think they have a beta available for word 2010 64 byte…

We are in the testing phase with an X4 update that will address this issue. If you’d like to volunteer as a tester, please send a private message to rsbeta,, indicating your interest with your email address to receive further instructions.

  • Mathilda, the EndNote team