sync problem from endnote x6 to endnote web

good morning!

i have a problem with my endnote x6. i´d like to sync my references with my endnote web account, but it doesn´t work.

if i press the syn-button in endnote x6 nothing happens. among edit/preferences/sync i enabled endnote web and filled in my email and password, but it doesn´t work.

does anyone has an idea what the problem could be?


I suggest that you watch this Endnote Training video as a first step.

Other training videos are here 

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to update EndNote to the latest version. For Windows, that would be EndNote X6.0.1 and for Mac, EndNote X6.0.2. To check, this click the Help menu (Windows) or EndNote menu (Mac) and select About EndNote. If you do not have the most up to date version, you will need to update the software before Sync will work. To update the software on the Windows side, click the Help menu and select EndNote Program Updates. Follow the prompts to update the software. The Updates on the Mac can be found here:

If you have EndNote X6.0.0 for Mac, be sure to install the X6.0.1 update before the X6.0.2 update.

thank you for your kindly answers. i solved the problem and endnote is no working excellent.

i had to upgrade my endnote to x6.01!

thanks a lot


I have a similar issue with version EndNote X6.0.1  (bld 6599) on PC.

The Sync Status notes that the Sync was last run today, the Status is that There are changes that need to be sent (I am all for it) yet nothing visible happens, and it reports  Sync error: None

there are 7676 items online, and 7424 in the Local library.

 The sync used to work well,

In particular stuff that I uploaded from the IPad does not show up on the PC.

I had the same problem, updating still don’t work. However the other option to import the references to a new file worked for me. 

I had the same problem, updating still didn’t work. However the other option to import the references to a new file worked for me.