Endnote X7.2 lets entire Mac freeze

Computer: late 2011 MacBook Air 13"

Endnote version: X7.2 Bld 9970

Hi there,

Since a few days, I have a very disturbing problem with Endnote X7.2. Whenever I click on a reference with a pdf linked to it, the entire Mac freezes. The cursor may react with great delay, I get no reaction anymore on any mouse clicks or keyboard presses. The only way to regain control on the computer is by applying a force reboot. In the attachments you can see the console errors I get. I work in a MS Word for Mac 2011 document, and the linked pdf files are in a folder located on my Google Drive.

Images of the console errors can be found in the attachments.

I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling Endnote, unlinking and relinking the Word document, unformatting and reformatting the citations, and recovering the library and deleting all other Endnote files. Nothing works. 

Anyone has any idea?

Same problem here… very annoying. 

did you find a solution?


I tried downgrading EndNote 7.2 to previous 7.1 version. So far, it’s working.

No I haven’t found a solution yet - instead, I decided to put a fresh install of Yosemite on my Mac. 

I am definitely going to try 7.1!