Endnote X7.1 freezes upon starting


I’m running Endnote X7.1 on a mid 2011 MacBook Pro with OS X Yosemite 10.10.3. So far, I’ve never had any problems. A few hours ago, Endote started freezing every time I started the programme (it worked fine earlier today and I haven’t done any updates today). I already tried restarting the programme, the laptop and Word. Nothing works. I also deinstalled the programm and reinstalled it. Still the same problem. Any ideas?

Thank ypur for your help.


Hello Charlotte,

If you haven’t already tried this, I would suggest installing the EndNote X7 updates to take you from X7.1 to X7.3.1 as outlined here:


See the instructions for “EndNote X7.1” under “Mac OS X.” If the problems persist, I would suggest contacting Technical Support:


I have this exact same problem! Did you find a solution to yours? I tried updating it - didn’t help.