Endnote X7.3 EULA check box suppression

Endnote x7.0.2 admin installed packaged deployments does not prompt users to check the EULA box to launch Endnote. Ever since the icon changed with Endnote X7.2.1 and Endnote X7.3 packages, these admin installed packages  require the EULA to be checked prior to working with CYWY features in Word.  This is problematic since users never launch endnote separately and use the CYWY feature within Word. Is there some way to check the EULA automatically during install. Is there a registry key to check this box. When performing and Admin install of Endnote i have to check the EULA box. Other software vendors like Microsoft and Adobe has this capability built into their applications to get rid of the EULA box for packaged deployments. 

Did you ever receive an answer to this?  I am fighting this battle as well.  We will be deploying this out to our labs and we do not want our customers to have to accept the license agreement on first launch.  I have looked through the registry and even opened the msi in ORCA to see if there is setting I can apply - nothing so far. Thank you!