Endnote X7.7.1, Mac OS High Sierra and Word 16.10

To the people from Thomson Reuters

Since i’ve installed word 2016 (V 16.10) on my mac i have a problem with endnote V 7.1.1. Somehow i can couple the word with my endnote (endnote button is at the appropriate place in word), but i’m not able to insert a citation from endnote into word. Everytime there’s a message where it says there are no preferences in the frontmost endnote library and ten word shuts down (when i choose in preferences from word: online endnote). If i try it offline in preferences from word theres a messsage that i dont have a copy of endnote x8 but i run V 7.1.1…

Please help me because im just not able to use endnote appropriately and i need it for a submission of an article

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible 

Sebastian Stoll

Sorry to be the messanger, but as posted in numerous other threads here and on the endnote.com/support site,  X7 will not work (ever) with Word 16.XX.  

Here is your best fix, if you don’t want to upgrade to X8  


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Today I updated Endnote from X7 to latest X8.2 but now the app is constantly crashing when opened. I’m on High Sierra 10.13.2. I’ve the crash logs where do I send them?