Attention Microsoft Word 2016 Mac version 16.xx Users!

As you are aware, Microsoft released the version 16.9 update for Office 2016 on 18 January:

Our EndNote X8.2 Mac update has been released to address Word 2016 version 16 compatiblity. You will receive an alert when you start EndNote X8 once the update is ready. You can also manually check for the updates. To update EndNote, click on the EndNote menu and select “Check for Updates” then follow the on-screen prompts.

For more information or if you are running a prior version of EndNote, please see this article:


Will the X7.7 version be updated as well to support the new Word update?

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I see no mention of version X7.7. Is this also going to be updated to support the new Word update?

The link does not work, it opens a saleforce page. Please post a new link

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Please try the link again. It was just updated. I apologize for the inconvenience:

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Dear Jason,

It’s rude of you as an administrator and representative of EndNote to completely ignore my question like that!


I bet there are thousands of people would also like an answer to this question.

Hello Abdulrahman,

My apologies for not having an answer to your question about EndNote X7. I am a technical support representative. In Technical Support, we have not been provided with any information regarding an update for EndNote X7 for Word 2016 version 16 compatibility. I would suggest contacting our Sales and Marketing Team for a more official response:



I also have Endnote 7 and am in the middle of my dissertation. Can you please provide me with an email contact to ask this question - the telphone number makes no sense to me because I am in the UK?

Thank you 


ya this new link working. Thank you:wink:

I use myendnoteweb, the free tool of the EndoNote, and since the last update of MS Word (16.9) I lost the plugin. Can you help me, please? Thanks.

Yeah, what a waste of time. Spent a while installing Word only to realize my EndNote 7 isn’t even compatable. Now having to revert to the older version of Word (and spending more time installing) so I can finish an article properly. I don’t understand how you guys can be working with them on the development and then have them launch and be incompatable. 


my name is Thorn and I am also writing my PhD-thesis with EN X7 & Word 2016 (mac).

I want to echo what others have already highlighted:

It is important that there will also be a patch for the tens od thousands of people, who still use EndnoteX7 with Word2016 (mac) 16.xx.

Please make this happen asap!

All the best, 


I agree with wirebound.

Waste of time and a significant cost every year just because of the word/EndNote couple.

I am tired of it. I am not buying X8 upgrade. I am switching to competitor…

I have now installed 8.2 and when I used CWYW in Word 16.9 on Mac I get the error message shown in attached file.

Please tell me how to fix this



Just installed the latest X8.2 upgrade (Build 13302) which should fix the CWYW problem with Word 16.10, and the OSX High Sierra poroblem

But I still don’t get a Endnote/X8.2 tab in my Word :frowning:

I’m running

(Danish versions)

Mac Osx High Sierra 10.13.2

Word 16.10 (build 180120)

EndNote X8.2 (build 13302) - english verson

When I upgraded from X7.7 to X8.1, I did it as new installation

X7.7 english version worked well with Word 16.9 danish version, before I upgraded to Word 16.10, so likely not a language problem

What to do?



Update Endnote 8.2 and the output styles that I customized disappeared - MACBOOK

I updated word to version 16.9 and endnote crashed.

I updated endnote to version 8.2. When I opened word, there was an error saying that the outuput style that I was using was no longer available. And completely disappeared. It was an edition from other output style. Can I still restore it from my mac? Endnote is fully working, just not with my output style.

Thanks in advance.

I have recevied the same message for CWYW, I have shutdown and rebooted the computer, I have uninstalled word and reinstalled it and still recevie the same error . 

Would appreciate technical assistance to advise how to correct this I am using macOS High Serria 10.13.2 Word for Mac 16.9

Go into Endnote, click on the endnote X8 and then click on customizer and follow the instructions, you should get the tab in word then. 

I have just upgraded to 8.2 and word crashes everytime I try to add a reference in the text.

Just did it. No success… It ran something but my output styles are still missing.