Endnote X7 AND X8 not showing libraries anymore!!

Hello everyone,

I have the following problem:

* Working on a Mac, currently latest OS X version 10.12.5

* Endnote 7 installed with all updates, working fine

* Office 2016

Since a small week, the following problem:

* Endnote X7 starts up without any problem. However, the usual reference library which opens normally, does not appear anymore.

* No problem I thought, I will open it manually. I find the library, open in in Endnote, and…nothing happens.

Well, go over to plan B. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to Endnote X8? Downloaded trial version, installed with no problems.

However, problem stays the same. The program opens fine, but the libraries don’t open. No error message or any other indication that something is wrong, they just don’t open. At least, I don’t see them anywhere. 

* Finally, I decided to just create a new library. So, File-New and create new library: again, nothing happens! 

My best guess is that somehow a recent update (OS X? Office 2016 for Mac?) did something to Endnote? An office update as the villain seems unlikely, as when opening only Endnote without Word makes no difference.

Also, I downloaded and installed a fresh copy of X7,  no effect…

Any thoughts? 



Do you have a synced library on line?  

Can you find a .DATA folder on your system?