Endnote X7 for Mac - How do I edit the guesser's database?

When I type an author or journal name, Endnote guesses what it should be, based on my having used it previously. I have an error in the initials of an author name (which keeps popping up every time I create a new reference with that author) and I want to edit the source that the guesser looks at, to delete the incorrect one.

How can this be done?



Dear Keith

Yes, you can correct this problem by editing the author term list. Go to Tools , and look for Open term lists then pick the Author term list. It will display all the authors in your library and you can either Edit the wrong entry or Delete it using the buttons.

Kind regards


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Thanks so much Patti. You have NO idea how long I searched before giving up. I should have posted my question first. Thanks again :smiley: