EndNote X7 for Mac swaps intext citation sequencing when editing

Problem 1: The latest and most urgent problem can be described as follows: If, for example, I “right-click” the very first intext citation on page 1 of my document choose to edit, selecting “More”, instead of it going to the very first reference for editing, it goes to the very last reference in footnote 45 on page 40. The details of the last citation in the document now occur first in the list on the pop-up screen. If I close the editing pop-up without making any changes, I find my curser has jumped and that I have now landed on page 45 of the document in footnote 45. If I then choose to edit this last reference in the document in footnote 45 on page 40, the editing pop-up takes me back to the very first reference on page 1 to edit. If I close without making changes, I find my curser has landed back on page 1. If I click on the 2nd intext citation on page 1, the editing pop-up takes me to the second last reference in footnote 44 on page 40. If I close the editing pop-up and then try to edit that 2nd last reference, it takes me back to the 2nd citation one on page 1. In the same way, editing the third intext citation on page 1 takes me to the third-last citation in the document. It does this with any chapter of my thesis that I open. It thus looks as if my whole thesis is corrupted. It doesn’t matter if I open an earlier version, as soon as I open it and check, EndNote does the same thing.

Problem 2: My long-standing problem is similar but not identical. When I’m editing an intext citation, I have to watch the pop-up screen very carefully. If I’m not careful enough, the pop-up suddenly grays out without me noticing. if I then indavertently continue typing, I find that my curser has jumped out of the pop-up and back into my document itself. Because the intext citation had been highlighted for editing, it now appears to type over the citation. What the programme actully does is it moves the details of that citation onto the place of the very next citation in the document, and it repeats this all the way through to the end of the whole document in a domino effect, messing up all my citations. The only way to rescue the situation is to close the file and revert to the last saved version. Risky and frustrating!

…Did you or someone else found a solution for Problem no.2?? I just experienced the same ***edit***!

Call Tech support from www.endnote.com/support  – they may have tools that can help you.