EndnoteX corrupts :S

Hello everybody,

And sorry in advance for my bad english.

I use endnote X, with Microsoft Word 2003 for Windows, and some mistakes occurs, but only with one file.

1/ When I insert a citation in a document, then the cursor of MicrosoftWord go on another page. So if I insert a citation on page 34, it’s correctly inserted on this page, but then it goes on page 55, or 18, for example. It’s really disturbing. :dizzy_face:

2/ Then, when I want to edit a citation, that I choose in the document, the windows opens, but the particular reference is not highlighted: I’m obliged to find the citation myself among the other 100 ones!! It makes me waste a lot of time. :angry:

3/ And after having find this reference, edit the citation, and close windows, the cursor goes somewhere else again!

Please help me! I really don’t know how to solve it! :cry:


See this Faq  on the Endnote websiteand this thread.

Problems solved. Thanks a lot.