edit citations question


I am using endnote X.0.2 together with windows xp, using cite while you write in word 2003.

I am working with a large document, several chapters, using apa style to check and update my references (for my dissertation). But I am encountering some problems.

For instance, I have checked the box omitting repeated authors, but for some authors (not all) it still shows(Druckman, 2001; Druckman, 2004) instead of (Druckman 2001, 2004).

Also, one chapter was ending wtih endnotes, After entering some of the references in these endnotes, I proceeded to the new chapter (regular text). Suddently, I started to have problems editing my references. If I try to edit the references  it seems to remove or change the references, including some of the previous references.

Does someone have a clue?

Thank you very much!


Some thoughts:

  1. In the first situation regarding the in-text citation could you go back and recheck the Author field of the affected references to confirm that the names have been entered the same and that no extra blank space appears at the end of the lastname or between the first- and last- name.

  2. In the second situation regarding the endnotes, have you tried inserting a  continuous section break (same page) before the first endnote, and a second continuous section break (same page) following the last endnote.  The idea is to contain the endnotes within a section.


Thanks for the reply. The first issue is solved, indeed I missed an extra blank space.

The second issue is much more difficult. Normally, endnote places every new citation at the end of the list in the edit citation dialogue box, such that the last endnote citation of the document is allways at the end of the list. But, working to add new citations it suddenly stopped doing that. The new citations are placed somewhere in the middle of the list and editing them changes or deletes other endnote references allready in the document. I am not sure whether it really has to do with the endnotes. By the way, changing the endnotes to add continuous breaks instead of next page breaks does not seem to work. When I am ready doing that, word automatically brings back in the next page breaks. Currently, I am thinking of checking, editing all references by hand, as I have a pressing deadline… But, if anyone has a last tip, it would be very welcome!!

Thanks, marieke

I am really not sure what you are seeing.  Make a copy of the document and try unformating back to curly brackets and then reformat the document making sure you are you are using your edited style (and turn CWYW back on from the 3rd tab).  Make sure you do not use “removed field codes” but that you use “unformat”.  If you are still having a problem, can you attach a screen shot and your style?  (or Private message me). 

Glad the first issue was resolved.

As for the second issue, prior to the change, was there any sort order - and now do you notice if the citations have a recognizable sort pattern (i.e., alphabetical by author, or chronological by year, etc.)?  If so, the Citations “Sort Order” setting may have changed.  [Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of your style.  In the style’s dialog box locate the Citations heading then click “Sort Order”.]

Also, my omission about working with section breaks.  Besides inserting the breaks in MS Word, the “Sections” setting of your EndNote output style needs to be changed from a single bibliography:

  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT name of your style.

  2. In the style’s dialog box, in the left column locate and click “Sections”.

  3. In the right column, change the setting to the last option: Create a bibliography for each section and a complete bibliography at the end of the document.

  4. Close to save the style changes. The changes will be saved as a copy so you’ll need to change both EndNote and MS Word to use the renamed style’s file copy (e.g., APA 6th Copy).