Endnote X7 – Multiple computers – Issue with syncing annotated PDFs

I’ve added PDFs to references via EndNote Web.

Then I’ve synced the online content with libraries on two different computers (i.e. Mac and PC).

I annotate one PDF on the Mac.

I sync, and the change is shown correctly on EndNote Web. (I verified this by downloading the PDF).

I close the Mac application.

I then sync the PC with EndNote Web, but the annotated PDF is not showing on the PC. So the sync from web to PC seems to have failed.

I wonder whether I’m doing something wrong?

I’m using a trial version of Endnote X7.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am a Mac user, therefore, I registered Endnote on my desktop; however, I use a Mac Laptop when I am traveling.  I need Endnotes on the Laptop as well.  I did not see a Apple Application in iTune for laptops, so how do I get Endnotes on to my laptop?



Install the desktop then sync with online (or compress the library and copy it to the laptop and unpack it, then sync, which should be faster).