Endnote X7 removing characters in hyperlinks in Word

I am new to EndNote. My institution require us to use a house style and while it works fine on Word for PC, on mac it creates problems. The style requires that hyperlinks be between triangle brackets < > however, word removes the final > in hyperlinks. While everything appears okay in Endnote window (see image) all is not fine in word (see image)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Endnote X7 window.jpg

Try following it might work in your sitution:

The solution is to go into your word preferences and stop it from automatically creating hyperlinks:

Preferences - AutoCorrect - AutoFormat as you type

un-check Internet and Network paths with hyperlinks

Hi that works for Endnote refs, but now kills all hyperlink creation. Is there a happy medium where both work like on Windows?