Endnote X7 stopped updating bibliography

Hello everyone!

I am writing my PhD thesis and I used Endnote for a while with no problem whatsover. But today I encountered a problem that instead if inserting a reference in the desired format (like  von Engelhardt et al. 2010), Endnote does it like that 

[von Engelhardt, 2010 #4800] and does not update bibliography. Endnote does it to this particular document only, so it must be something that was changed in it, but i do not know how and what. I’ve not changed anything in Endnote settings at all. I tried to recopy my chapter to a newly made document - does not help either. Please help

Thanks in advance

what version of Word – there is an option on the ribbon on word (PC)  “Instant format is off”  - click on it to turn it on.  

I have Word 2010. It works indeed . Thanks a lot.