Biblography not working properly

I am afraid my EndNote now no longer functions properly – see below

‘……sustainability {Bebbington, 2007 #3736} much of the literature relates to reporting of sustainability, or more likely un-sustainability {Gray, 2006 #3711}{Gray, 2005 #4818}’

And it is not adding references in to the bibliography. Any help would be appreciated.

You are probably using EndNote X5.0.0 or an older version.

In the EndNote tab in Word 2007/2010:

Click on the small arrow in the bottom right corner of the middle column named Bibliography.

In the EndNote toolbar in Word 2003:

Click on “Format Bibliography”

You will now get an new window “EndNote X? Format bibliography”

Click on the tab “Instant Formatting”

If the main button says “Turn On”, click on it so it changes to “Turn Off”. Finish with OK.

The citations in the document should now be formatted and the reference list updated.

Did this solve your problem?

Best wishes

Jan Ove

If you mean the curly brace-format of the citations it seems your “Instant Formatting” setting was turned-off.  To turn it back on go to the EndNote tab in the MS Word ribbon, click the tiny arrow (see attached image) which causes the Format Bibliography dialog box to appear on screen. Click the Instant Formatting tab, click the Turn On button, click the OK button.

The in-text citations and bibliography should automatically update.