Problem when generating bibliography

Hi everyone,

I am beginning to use EndNote and the bibliography insertion in Word. I managed to create my own bibliography format and already used it two times in Word, but when I now want to use it for the third time, all I get when I paste in Word the selected reference in EndNote is this :

{Franzo, 2017 #10}

I did not change anything in my bibliograpy format between the second and third time I used it. All I did was in Word to convert the first two bibliographies I created to plain text.

Can anyone help me ? Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile:

If you see {Franzo, 2017 #10} this usually indicates that Instant Formatting is off in the document.

Please see the following on how to turn it back on:

If you see {Franzo, 2017 #10} and when you click on it it shades in gray then you may have a corrupted document.

Please see the following on how to clean a document:

If none of the above steps help then:

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or

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Thanks for the answer, it is working again. The instant formatting was off, don’t know what happened… but it is all good now, thanks ! :slight_smile:

I am glad that I was able to help.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.

but why in the world are you converting the document to plain text?  

Because I have a Word document with a very specific formatting, it is about animal diseases and I have to include a bibliography for each parts of the document (=diseases). And as these parts are not sections, the only way I found to copy and paste the several bibliographies wherever I want was to convert them to plain text.