EndNote X8 adding wrong letters after years

HI all, I seems to have an issue that EndNote X8 on my Mac is adding letters incorrectly after year mark in citation when having multiple citations from the same author in my document. Letters are not added in ascending order a,b,c, … but can be just a and d, or a, a, a. 

Any advice on how to fix this ASAP - if no software fix is available any manual workaround is cool as well.

BR Pekka

What output style and are the first authors exactly the same in the records?  Did you try another style (like Cell?) 

… I’m a novice with EndNote so please bear with me. So the setup is the following:

  • EndNote X8 on Mac

  • Pages as the wordprocessor

  • Harward as citation style

… when I tested this now with completely empty document and just added several citations to same source, no letter after year was added. When I remove the existing citations from my assignment document and did the citations again, no letter was added after the year number. I don’t get it.


several citations to the same source would not generate an ambiguous citation, so no letter should follow the year.  The only time a letter would follow a year, would be if the same first author published more than one paper in the same year, and you cited them both.  

If the citations are both to the same paper then 

They said blah de blah in the results (Smith et al, 2016) But in the discussion (Smith et al, 2016) they claimed  blah d blah.

but  2 different papers by Smith et al in 2016 

In the first paper (Smith et al, 2016a) showed that blah de blah.  But in a later paper (Smith et al, 2016b) they claimed  blah d blah.  

or if two papers but in two different years.

In the first paper (Smith et al, 2016) showed that blah de blah.  But in a later paper (Smith et al, 2017) they claimed  blah de blah.  

Please note that it could be 

In the first paper (Smith et al, 2016b) showed that blah de blah.  But in a later paper (Smith et al, 2016a) they claimed  blah d blah.  

as the order of the a and b are based on their order in the bibliography  and not the order cited – for most journals that use this mechanism of ambiguous citation handling.  

Thanks for the help.

BR Pekka