Problem with in-text citations

I am having two problems while citing with EndNote X1 and Word 2007.


1. EndNote is adding first author’s initials to the in-text paranthetical citation, which is incorrect according to APA 5th style (which is how my EndNote is set up to CWYW). For example, this citation shouldread, (Brown & LaRosa, 2002), and here is how it is citing in-text: (R. T. Brown & LaRosa, 2002). I have checked the reference in EndNote, and it is formatted properly with no extraneous punctuation or anything, and yet it will not format properly in text.


2. When I am citing a reference with several authors, CWYW is placing the citation as (Wilens et al., 2000) for the first citation within the paper, which is incorrect. APA 5th states that for in-text citatations, up to 6 authors should be listed in parentheses by last name with the publication year, and afterwards the et al. format can be used. How do I figure out why EndNote is doing this and how can I correct it so the output is correct?


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For the first problem, see this FAQ.

For the second problem, click on Edit>Output Styles>Edit APA 5th. When the style edit window opens, go to Citations>Author Lists.

In the section, “Abbreviated Author List – First Appearance,” the second option should be checked: “If 6 or more authors, list the first 1 authors”.

Thanks for the info. John!

The 2nd problem was actually solved by going into edit->APA 5th->citations->author name and unchecking the box “use initials only for primary authors with the same name”


Yes, but then you are not following APA 5th guidelines…

I am having the same problem with APA 6th edition. Have unticked the box as you recommended. The problem is that the author has used 3 different variations of her name in various articles. I think Endnotes might be doing the right thing, however, I can not find the supporting APA 6th edition documentation explaining how to handle situations where an author uses different names. Any advise is welcome!

The APA 6th manual burbles on about consistancy, but this is a message for the authors of papers to always cite themselves using the same format. Obviously it doesn’t work like that in the real world (no, APA, you do not yet rule the world).

If you’re using Endnote you are going to have to enter the names in exactly the same format to get rid of the initials in the intext citation.

The manual does state that the preferred format is first name, middle initial(s), and last name so if you have one reference like that I would change the others to replicate it.


Thank you … I appreciate the feedback. I was beginning to think I was loosing my mind.