ENDNOTE.X8 PDF viewer jumps to second page - cannot see title page

ENDNOTE.X8 PDF viewer jumps to the second page - cannot see the title page

When opening an article in PDF viewer within X8 it jumps to page 2 of article automatically. Can scroll up to see page 1 but when re3leased jumps back to page 2… frustrating not to see title pages. PDF File seems fine and is normally viewable in outside PDF Expert viewer. 

Any ideas? 


Same problem here. No idea why. But it seems like 8.x for the Mac is just riddled with issues, sadly.

Hi! Did you try to open this file with another program?

Hi! Did you try tp open file with another program?

I have the same issue too, pdf works fine in other programs

I have the same issue too. Pdf works fine in other programs.

Same here, Using Endnote 8.2 on a Mac. This seemed to start after I updated macOS High Sierra to 10.13.4.


Can I know which PDF viewer you are using?
Have you tried any other free or paid PDF viewer? I would suggest searching for some, or for recommendation I’d say try PDF Viewer by Coolutils.  Its really fast and User friendly, dont think you’ll face any issues with the. The rest is up to you.