Mac PDF viewing issues

I have a late 2011 Mac pro laptop and it will not hold the page that I want to see on the screen when.  When I click on a fingernail image on  the pdf displaym the x8.2 viewer shifts and changes the page that I am seeing, it also is reasonably “violent” in the switching between screens the transition from one screen to another is not smooth the way it was in End Note 7.  I updated to high sierra and now I cannot get the output PDF view that I need.  I have downloaded and reloaded the software three times already, the files that have this issue were imported new with X*, the X7 ones are not doing the same thing.  Althohgh they al display the violent page switching.  Finally I also updated the adobe reader and that did not change anything.  

Do I have to dumb down my OS, go back to a legacy one and use the old versoin of end note?  Is it possible that this is a software bug, and oh BTW I know that knobody has seen this before.  I have also gried chaging the tracking speed on my mousepad, that did not help.