Endnote x8 release date

Dear all,

I know this is a tedious question - but I am not happy with TR transparency / policy referring to new version announcements.

I want to purchase EndNote, also for other researchers, but don’t see the purpose of buying multiple versions, when a new major rewamp, i.e. x8 (Mac!), is on the way, without possible free upgrade, which is, if I understand correctly, only free within three months. In other words, I don’t want to purchase x7.5 (Mac), if I have to purchase full and costly upgrades for x8 later this year.

Does anyone have information on when x8 (Mac) should be released? If it is within the next three months, I will purchase x7.5, since a free upgrade should be possible within that time spam. Am I right here?

Thanks for any info! Cheers S

I would also like to know this!!!  

November 8th.


Thanks for sharing this great info with us. Really helpfull