Will Endnote for Mac x8 Support 64-bit by Fall

So according to multiple Apple rumor sites, 32 bit programs will no longer be supported in the next OS update this fall. According to my computer, Endnote x8 is not a 64 bit program.  I seriously hope this will not require a paid upgrade.  Anyone have any details on this?

So I also tweeted this.  The @EndNoteNews Twitter account replied to me stating: 

EndNote X8 is 32-bit, but we are watching the progress of this rumor and will determine a course as information becomes available.

The problem is this isn’t a rumor.  I replied to them with several news sites with actual screenshots of the transition.  Its going to be hell to rewrite this Application from the ground up by fall.  I think I need to move to Mendeley or something else because EndNote is really slacking.

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Hello! I’m the Product Manager for EndNote and I wanted to respond to you directly on this. 

You’re correct – and I could have phrased that better in the Tweet. The timing is still a question mark and that’s the part we’re still considering rumor, but you’re completely right that the transition itself is not. The good news is we’ve been expecting this and have a lot of the ground work done already. We have a plan and are moving forward as we wait for more concrete timing information from Apple. 

Additionally, from what we’ve seen and heard from Apple thus far, 32-bit applications are expected to still open and run. There will be a one-time, dismissable warning that the application should be updated, but it shouldn’t cause much of a workflow interruption. That said, addressing this is a priority for us as soon as possible. 

I hope that clarifies! Thanks for reaching out. 

I’m a bit surprised there is any issue with this. I mentioned this several months ago as it came up on a development seed of macOS, and indeed it’s been clear for some time now that 32-bit apps on the Mac will soon cease to work. I’m running 10.13.5 and do get the warnings. If the app could be recompiled, and perhaps also address the horrible slowdowns I and many others have reported over and over again to no avail, that would be great. The slowdowns are a huge problem and the recompiling to 64-bit support might be a good time to address this. Thanks.

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Thank you for the update both of you guys.  Clearly the popup will come up on 10.13.5 warning its going to stop working, and my guess is it wills top working in 10.14 which will be released this fall (the beta will start in June).  I’m glad to see there has been SOME work on the 64 bit version.  I am also 100 percent behind dtoub and others who are trying to get you all to figure out this slowness issue.  I have a brand new 15" MacBook Pro with touchbar and its painful honestly.  Here’s hoping your solution will come sooner rather than later, especially for those of us who like to play with the betas.  


I am using MacOS 10.13.4, Word 2016 and the latest Endote version and Endnote doesn’t work anymore at all for me.

I had to reinstall all my system to go back to 10.13.3 which was a bit waste of time and delayed my work.

I completely disagree with “what we’ve seen and heard from Apple” and “32-bit applications are expected to still open and run”. Given the price of your product you should have at least came up with a 64-bit version months ago (I found messages on this forum asking for it more than a year ago).

Can you tell us when the 64-bit version will be released or should we just move to another software that is actually supported and not just meekly reacting with years delay?



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I really hope for a 64-bit version. Unfortunately, EndNote X9 for mac is still a 32-bit application.

EndNote for mac has become incredibly slow (you can see many complaints in other threads). This is because it seems having problems with memory managment when doing complex tasks. People write that EndNote works better when the library is not on a network drive or if attachments are remived from the library. This does help a little.

However, there is a truly magical trick: go back to a non-Retina screen. One of my collaborators keeps EndNote 8 on an old non-retina Macbook Air. It works very fast, even with attachments and with libraries kept in Dropbox. Apparently, EndNote has problems with indexing PDFs, generating previews (even when no PDF preview is turned in, apparently, a hidden preview is generated), etc., when dealing just with more memory to assign. Hopefyully, moving to 64-biut resolves problems with managing screen and preview data.


Yes, the new version is still 32 bit.  This is really not acceptable in my book.  I will not be upgrading to X9.  Instead I’ll move onto another software that is up to date and fully compatible with the latest Mac OS Mojave.

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Since you are the product manager of endnote, would you be so kind to look at the many posts I have made with regards to the absolutely mediocrity of X9 (and X8) in termes of stability, speed, and performance and try to answer the whole community as well as myself, why Clarivate is ignoring our complaints. I am planning to leave endnote and start bookends. Its been enouph. 



former x7 betatester and phd student

Exactly. Good luck waiting for a reply. You’ll like bookends. While no software is perfect, it’s made my life way easier since I ditched the expensive, buggy and poorly-supported EN8 months ago. Shoulda done it sooner. 

I notice this issue is over 12 months old.

Is this something we can expect resolution of soon?

I am on OSX Mojave and received the warning that Endnote X8 was not fully compatible.

I upgraded to Endnote X9 as it claimed to be fully compatible, so I assumed it was 64 bit. 

It’s not!!

Performance is DISMAL working in Word with CWYW, with Endnote freezing for up to 30 sec to find and insert a reference (sometimes longer so I give up). 

Please Endnote, is this something that will be fixed soon, or will I need to start looking for alternatives?

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Start looking for alternatives. Seriously. It ain’t getting fixed anytime soon based on past experiences. I switched to bookends but there are many alternates and at least one should fit your needs. Good luck. 

MacOS 10.15 will preview at WWDC in June 2019, with beta versions going out to developers soon thereafter. It will be released in fall. At that point, EndNote X9 will no longer function, except for people who stay with an older MacOS. Very poor performance by Clarivate; they have known all of this for at least two years.

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We are planning a release for later this year to address 64-bit
compatibility; we are developing it now. I can’t say yet if it’ll be a beta
first, or just a general EndNote X9 for macOS update. I also can’t yet give an
exact release date, but it should be before Apple’s own release, unless Apple
changes their usual timing.

As more information becomes available, we will be sharing here and on our
EndNote News Twitter feed.

So, Tony, I take it from your reply that we’ll have to upgrade to X9 to get 64 bit support?



Due to the extensive engineering required, at this time we will be unable to patch versions older than X9 in advance of Apple’s release. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused by this situation.

Catalina has now been announced and it’s clear that 32 bit app are no longer supported.

The developer beta is out and the public beta will probably be out somewhat soon… No EndNote for any of the folks using these releases already.

I understand that EndNote X9 will not be patched for the full general release in the fall, but any news on a β of EndNote X10 with 64 bit?

I fear that a number of users will be tempted to start looking elsewhere if nothing gets out (or if there is no clear message as to when something will come out).


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I will not even buy X10 if X9 is not going to be patched for a 64 bit compatibility…

To be fair, converting from 32 bit to 64 is hardly a matter of just flipping a switch. There’s usually a lot more involved than that, and I’d be quite surprised if we got a free EndNote X9 patch. That being said, the warning has been lound and clear for quite some time and I really hopewe’ll get a public β of the next 64 bit version sooner rather than later.


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Apple announced their 64-bit roadmap YEARS ago. This was not a willy-nilly decision. Apple has legitimate reasons for the move to 100% 64-bit. Their developer documentation clearly describes the reasoning and methodology behind this decision.

99% of the software I manage (~400 Macs) made the change to 64-bit a long time ago (most in 2017). EndNote is one of the only applications lagging behind. From a technical perspective, it will be hard to justify staying behind on operating system versions simply because one 3rd-party software vendor isnt ready to make the change.

This is not a trivial change. Developers were encouraged to start the required development work years ago in preperation for macOS 10.15 Catalina (shipping in fall 2019). Anyone acting surprsed  or angy at Apple has been asleep at the wheel. Please dont fain surprise or shock,  or act like “Apple is being mean to us again!”

My company is running EndNote X8. I’m disapointed (but hardly surprised) that Clarivate hasnt made the move yet. I really hoped that EndNote X9 would be 64-bit but it is still 32-bit.

If EndNote X10 is required for 64-bit (and Clarivate doesnt do it’s due diligence on supporting customers with X9 or X8) then I would have to agree with many of you who are looking for other options…

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