Upgrading to Endnote X8

My client has just bought an EndNote X7 volume license - will they be able to upgrade for free to EndNote X8 when it comes out?

Thanks, Rob.

Hi @helios_comms,

If your client purchased X7 on or after September 1st, 2016, they are entitled to a free upgrade to X8. 

Meredith M. 

One more thing, @helios_comms… if your client purchased on or after September 1st, 2016, they should receive an email communication on November 10th, 2016 that includes information on the free X8 upgrade. 


Smashing thanks… going to be complex because they bought six licenses before that date and five on 6th October. So five will be okay and I guess they’ll have to consider upgrading the older ones if they want to all stay on the same version.

Thanks, Rob.