EndNote X9.3.1 cannot find citations which are actually in the library


i recently upgraded my mac to Catalina and the EndNote was also updated to the newest version (X9.3.1) accordingly, everything seems fine, and i suceesfully converted my existing libriary (created with X8) to be compatible with Endnote X9.3.1, i can easily insert references/citations which are already in the existing library, but for the references i just added via pubmed into the library, it just gave error saying “No matching records were found”, anyone knows what’s happening here?

i can clearly see the newly added citations are actually in the library, for some reason, the EndNote failed talk/connect to the library. i did a couple rebooting of my machine, but nothing really changed.

i work with word v16.29.1 on a mac.

anyone please help, and i’d greatly appreciate for any suggestions. thank you very much. 

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



I have the same issue. Is this resolved?

I have the same issues, is this resolved?

Hi Jxnliu, 

I have the same issue. 

Is this resolved?



I called the number below, they walked me through the solution. 


I have the exact same problem, except I upgraded to EndNote X9.3.3. My first language is French, I am in Québec, Canada, I don’t feel fluent enough to speak to technical service and explain my problem in English. Is there any online post that could be helpful?

this message from tech support solved the problem for me:

Please confirm whether the tab for EndNote Cite While You Write tools in the Word reads as “EndNote X9” or “EndNote”. If it reads “EndNote”, then the EndNote online tools are loaded with the Word document. I request you to follow the steps below to switch the tools in the Word to connect with the EndNote X9 program and check if that helps:


1. In the Word choose the EndNote tab.

2. Choose “Preferences” > “Application”.

3. Choose “EndNote” and click “OK”.


Now try inserting the references and check how that works.


If the issue continues or if you have any further questions, please respond to this email and we will help you.




Mohammed Hussain
Product Support Analyst-EndNote, Customer Service