Write while you cite problem


I have recently installed endnote X8, and I am trying to insert citations into a word (2013) document. I have the endnote library full of references, but when I try and search for it using the word tool bar, it says nothing is found. At the bottom of the search window is shows library: 0 items in list, however my library has lots of citations. 

Is there a way to link the library to allow me to insert citations? Also, in the endnote program window, if I select a reference in the library, the “go to word processor” option is greyed out.

Please help!

If from the Endnote  ribbon, you “go to endnote” – does  the library open?  

Can you take and attach a screen shot of the endnote ribbon in word?  

I have that problem

Captura (2).jpg

And I asked: what if you click on “go to Endnote”?  

Do you have any other add-ins like Mendely?