Endnote X9 with Microsoft Word 2016 for mac Mojave is very slow


I just purchase Macbook Air 2018 with Mojave10.14.3 for my  old notebook. I installed Microsoft Word 2016 and Endnote x9 to continue my MS document works. The installation was fine, but when I tried to edit my Word doc with Endnote it was painfully slow taking 3-4 mins per one citation edit. The version of MS word for mac is 15.29(161209) and Endnote X9 (Bld 3682}

Thank you in advance

I would try install the additional updates to Word the current build is 16.21. If you continue to have issues with Word and EndNote after the updates to Word are installed then please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1



Dear Tony,

Thank you for advice, I already update my Word to 16.16.6 (190114) please note that there is no 16.21 available for me even i enroll Office insider fast.

After updated, the edit formatting is faster but (in my opinion) still slow comparing to Windows version.

Any suggestion to speed up the citation formatting?

You could try turning off the Instant Formatting feature to allow the citations to insert faster and then later format them using Update Citations and Bibliography.

You can find the steps for turning on or turning off Instant Formatiing on our website:


It is so slow that I am looking for alternatives.

From the trail of mails I have followed I understand that there is no cure for the speed problem.

Is anything out there that works?

Thanks for your help!

There are but according to the forum thought police, if i mention any of them again, i will be banned. But yes, there are many good alternatives. Good luck. 

Major slowness continues with Endnote X9 and Word 2016.26 and mac Mojave. 

It doesn’t seem to be an output filter issue, and Word versions are up to date.

Any other suggestions?



Update Java! WOW! FINALLY got something to work! FYI, Running OSX 10.14.16. Endnote 8.2. Now it is fast again! FYI IU shut down endnote while I installed Java to ensure some issue wouldn’t crop up. Then simply booted Endnote again without reboot of computer.

Boom! Thank you to ScrippsOcean. No thanks to EndNote for not helping other than simply having the forum (some help).