Endnote7 annotation on mac

When trying to highlight or underline a sentance, it does it not for that sentance but do it somewhere else. Plz advise how to fix it. Thanks

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If you are using the MAC OS 10.12 then this a known issue with that operating system.

We discovered some issues with the EndNote PDF viewer. 

The issues are that the thumbnail view is missing and that selecting and highlighting text is misaligned (meaning the text that is highlighted is not where your cursor is). These issues have been reported by the EndNote Development Team to Apple. As a workaround, you can open up your PDFs to annotate in an external PDF application or use the annotation workflow in the free EndNote for iPad app. These same issues can be found in other Mac applications with similar PDF capabilities. As these are known issues to Apple, it is possible that Apple will release an update to Sierra that will include bug fixes for these issues, thus improving the PDF experience for X7 users without a release from EndNote.

These issues have been reported to Apple, but in the meantime, we recommend that you DO NOT upgrade to macOS Sierra.

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Dear Tony,

Thanks a lot for your reply and information, greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, i have alreday updated my mac to  macOS Sierra!

1. How can i downgrade it to the previous version, without losing any data ?

2. Regarding external PDF Application, which one u suggest i should use ? When i annotated on preview application of my mac, it still doesn’t stay there when i re-open that document in end note. Plz advise.


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You would need to downgrade the Operating System which can be done via Time Machine if you have set up that feature otherwise it will not easy to go back.

I would suggest trying Adobe or another pdf software package.

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