2 Endnote x7 Mac Issues - HELP!!

Hi There - Endnote Users…

So I’m on the mac version X7 - and for most pdf’s viewing them is fine - but some - have errors when viewing them compared to when viewing in Acrobat Reader for instance. There appears to be a white space at either the top or bottom - and sometimes it covers most of the pdf - and in other docs it only covers a small portion of the pdf. - I’ve noticed it’s worse with larger pdf’s. Have tried magnifying - and sometimes this minimizes the white blanked out area - sometimes it increases it.
Not sure if this is a bug across the board or not.

One other issue that’s really frustrating is that when I use the annotation toolbar - and say Highlight or underline text - on some documents - the cursor is off by a line and sometimes more. Can be really frustrating locating the text that I need to highglight at times.

Has anyone got a solution to these two bugs?? - Maybe reprocessing the pdf’s in another program to clean them before importing them???

Please let me know - love the software - but these bugs are v. annoying at times.