Endogene for Ipad catastrophy

I recently changed the password for my endnote online account, now I tried to sync the ipad application, after changing the password there it deleted all the previous data…including all the attached PDFs and left with just the references…they are gone.
This is a serious and really really expensive bug!
What’s your solution?


When a new user account is associated with the iPad app, the local library is cleared (to allow for syncing with a new user account without mixing records from two different accounts). Unfortunately, changing only your password is triggering this same behavior, resulting in deletion of your local library on the iPad.

All of your references and PDFs are still present in your EndNote online library. If you sync the iPad again (after changing your password to the new one), all of your references will be brought back down to the iPad. You’ll need to re-download any PDFs that you want to have on the device, and re-select any references that you want to designate as “Favorites.”

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this issue - we will plan to fix it in an upcoming release.



The EndNote Team

Is there anything I could have done better? Why are there references synced but not the attached PDFs . Apparently it is the same way the other way round, if I attach a PDF to a reference via the web interface it does not appear in my mirrored Ipad library (the PDF, the reference does)? I also could not find a setting on the ipad enabling or disabling PDF attachment sync?

Hi David,

There’s nothing you should have done differently. Currently, the app is designed not to automatically sync PDFs from your web library down to the iPad. This was done in order not to consume too much storage on the iPad – some users have several gigabytes of PDF attachments – and also to save time and network usage during sync.

In order to get individual PDFs from your web library onto the iPad, you can either (1) tap the “Not yet downloaded” icon in a reference with an attachment, which will download the PDF for viewing (but will not permanently store it on the iPad), or (2) mark a reference as a “Favorite”, which will ensure that any PDFs attached to that reference are downloaded during sync and stored persistently on the iPad.

There is not currently a global setting to control whether or not PDFs sync to the iPad; rather, this is controlled by the mechanisms described above.

We are definitely hearing that people want an easier way to download their PDFs to the iPad (i.e., without having to mark each reference as a “Favorite”), and we’re working on improvements in this area for an upcoming release.

– Paul
The EndNote Team