How to update endnote password on ipad?

Similar to another question … I had to update my passwords and now my EndNote for ipad is giving me a username/password is not valid. Of course, I need to update the password. The question is whether there is an elegant way to do this?

Under settings, I could sign out, but that wipes out my whole local-endnotes copy, including the list of favorites. Is there a less tragic method to update the password on the ipad? 



You have correctly identified how to do this (sign out and sign in again). It is currently the only way to accomplish what you are trying to do. We will look at making this simpler in future revisions to the program.



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** Warning** Signing out of Endnotes for iPad causes the local-endnotes copy to be wiped out, including the list of favorites. 

After changing the password to your EndNotes account, if you have the iPad add, you’ll need to update your password there too. On the iPad, under settings, sign out then sign back in with the new password. 

Tip: Before changing your password to your account, make a new group (called favorites for example) on the iPad and copy your favorites into this group. In fact, this might be a good thing to do on occassion.