X7 Syncing destroys absolute PDF links

On a Mac.  My PDFs are stored in ~/Dropbox/PDF_Storage, with useful names like Smith_1999_123.pdf.  Everytime X7 syncs with EndNoteWeb, these absolute links are destroyed, meaning the record in EN now reports “There are no PDFs attached to this reference.”   I can manually recreate them, but they are redestoryed every time I sync.

Called Tech Support.  We tried various options within preferences and even nuked and recreated my ENWeb library.  Still had the problem.  Tech Support was supposed to call me back after more research, but hasn’t in about 2 weeks.  Crud.

Any help?

Just in case someone comes looking for help on a similar topic.  We figured out that the problem was that the PDF link was in the form of 


If the links were in the form


syncing was non-destructive.  I don’t have access to my PDFs through EndNote on the web or iPad, but that’s a reasonable trade-off for me given my workflow.

Thank you for the update. In my view, the PDF organisation and renaming is still poorly implemented. Loosing PDF links in a large library can turn into a disaster. 

How do you change that path for the pdf’s?  

If you are a Macintosh users, you can take advantage of EN’s really wonderful AppleScript support to do so.  My message at http://community.thomsonreuters.com/t5/EndNote-How-To/How-can-I-change-all-PDF-links-absolute-and-relative-to-new/m-p/52151#M10159 includes an Applescript that would get you started. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to provide support beyond that post, but I hope it might be helpful.