Endonote IPad SpliView and more

Dear Team,

yesterday Apple released the rewritten versions of Pages and Keynote for the Ios 9 and IPad. They now allow to use the function SplitView too. This means that it is possible to work with Pages and Endnote at the same time and to transform the Ipad into a veritable working tool.

So my main suggestion is to rewrite Endnote for Ipad ASAP so that the window can be resized and the app used in SplitView modus.

To improve workability not only in this respect but in general I suggest also following adjustments:

  1. Insert a button that copies and saves a selected reference. This allows then the reference to be pasted into the Pages file. The file is turn can be compiled on a compurter in a second time. This is actually the way to make use of splitview.

  2. While reading attahed PDFs on the IPad and especially if these are files created out of scanned images (old books, papers etc) the passage from one page to the next does not work easily if the size of the page is incresed for better reading. This is a bit annoying on the long run.

  3. Allow to change and move the page (resize, turn to the next etc) by means of a two fingers touch while using the marking tools.

  4. The marking tools, though recently greatly improved, could still be improved a little more. I suggest to observe a bit the functionality of a concorrent app to work with PDFs like GoodReader (this is true also for point 3).

I would like to use this chance to exress my gratitude for the fabulous app you created for the IPad, without which it would make sense at all to have this device.

Best regards,