Enhanced PDF Annotations

A feature that I am greatly missing is a more advanced PDF annotation possibility.

Things like

  • Freehand annotation (e.q. for notes or drawings with a wacom tablet or a usual tablet-pc)

  • boxes, lines

  • etc.

There are many PDF Viewer, which already implemented these, however they are not easily integrated into the Endnote workflow. So far, the PDF needs to be annotated outside of Endnote and the annotated version must be added additionally. Thereafter it is not possible to deactivate the annontation for clean printing. Therefore two versions must be saved.

It would be great if this would be integrated into the PDF Viewer

My current work flow is as follows (to get around editing of pdf’s)

I have an absolute link to all the pdfs in my dropbox folder and then I use “iAnnotate PDF” on my ipad to load the files and edit them and sync them back for when I use endnote and need to reread a reference and the annotation I made. 

This works great apart from having to scroll through hundreds of references (in different folders in my dropbox account) and remember which pdf I was looking for to annotate. 

It would be much easier if I could use the endnote ipad app to search for the reference I want ad then open the pdf in iannotate for editing. but thus far endnote app doesnt import attachements that have been linked in absolute link (only relative linked attachements are send to the ipad). 

I would think that it would be easy to copy the absolute link along to the ipad (the endnote app already allows for dropbox linking so I do not see problem there) and then allow in app linking to the pdf editor of choice. 

The alternative is include a pdf editor as suggested above, but this might not be best editor