PDF Integration with iOS

I’ve been using Endnote since it came out. 
Currently, I’m frustrated by the way PDFs are handled. X6 is an improvement but as I see it and read other forums there’s a need to better integrate with iPad / iOS software for annotating PDFs. 
Currently I use iAnnotate now to read and annotate all my research articles. But because of the way that Endnote stores it’s PDF (and truncates the names) I need to have another Folder for the PDFs to synchronize with iAnnotate. And then of course I have both two copies of articles, and my annotations don’t make it into the Endnote versions. I end up downloading articles, storing them in the Folder to sync to iAnnotate and then not using Endnote (except when I’m working on a manuscript). This seems like a waste. And then I find that my most recent downloaded articles and related references aren’t in Endnote. And other users seem to be struggling with the same issue (and apparently dropping Endnote).
As a note, I’d use Dropbox to store my articles (it integrates with iAnnotate), but since I travel frequently in other countries I can’t rely on unreliable internet connections to get access. 
Anyway I sure hope you’re working on this issue… and will also have an Endnote iOS app integrated into the forthcoming Office iOS app and also iOS Pages. 

We are getting ready to submit the EndNote for iPad app to Apple in the next few weeks.

It will include integration with Dropbox  - the ability to add file attachements - PDFs and others from Dropbox to the EndNote app

It will include some basic PDF annotation capabilites built but will also allow users to “Open in…” other apps - such as iAnnotate - for further annotations.

At this time, iOS does not allow any direct app-to-app communication - like a CWYW plug-in.  There may be some type of web services api options in the future that could help with formatting/cwyw support. We are watching this closely to see if Apple will add this type of support to allow us to create CWYW for iPad.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I have been reluctantly moving to a different citation manager due to their cloud flexibility and their 3rd party iOS app. I can send a PDF from the 3rd party app to GoodReader, which I use to read and annotation. I can then send the PDF from GoodReader back to the 3rd party iOS app and the app replaces the online version with the modified version. Can we expect similar functionality in the iOS app for EndNote?

Ideally, I would prefer robust annotation abilities in the EndNote tablet app so that I can avoid sending docs back and forth. Without such functionality, the ability of the EndNote tablet app to receive modified PDFs and sync them back to the clound would be sufficient.

Thanks JasonR. I’m really looking forward to the release.

But I have to concur with djm00 about annotation abilities being included in Endnote. And also about the need for a better system of file management of the PDF files–the current way they are organized seems byzantine and difficult to work with when you’re trying to access those PDFs with multiple programs. 

I am looking forward to the iPad EndNote because I am having a few frustrations with another iOS citation manager.

However, when trying to resolve some issues regarding authentication of WoK through the Mac X6, it appears that sync’ing is not allowed in the trial version. I am really hoping that I can sync between the Mac X6 and iPad EN to trial them working together otherwise I am going to have to spend money on evaluating a crucial capability.

At the moment EN appears to be the better formatted reference/bibliography tool but the other app I use has very good browsing/adding capabilities from online resources.

What will swing it for me is ease by which papers can be added and what level of annotation and syncing is available as I do most of my editing/reading on the iPad and then use the Mac with Scrivener to write the papers/articles themselves.